The 6-week intensive weight loss & strength building program, delivered by your dedicated coach.

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Do you want your own dedicated coach to plan your bespoke journey?

Looking to make a fast fitness transformation in January?

Do you want to enjoy exercise effectively and safely?

Do you want to avoid overcrowded commercial gyms?

Laura's transformation took her from this, to this.

When Laura started her transformation with Alpha she wasn't out of shape or new to fitness, but she's seen incredible results through our unique style of training. In just a short time, she's managed to transform her body past what she thought was possible.

Over 14lb of body fat lost.
Increased endurance &strength
6lb increase in lean muscle.

Kickstart 2022 is our most comprehensive body-transformation program yet.

Included in this limited time offer:

Small Group

Personal Training

Your dedicated coach will be planning and delivering your journey through 3x 60-minute Personal Training sessions per week.

Challenging, yet enjoyable and rewarding. These small group sessions (max. 4 people)  will focus on strength & conditioning movements to help burn body fat & build lean muscle.


Fitness MOT

We'll accurately track your progress over the course of your program, allowing you to see the results as they happen.


You'll start and end with a segmental body composition analysis, progress photos and a variety of strength & fitness assessments.

Alpha Classes


Book onto 1x 45-minute class per week, choosing from our most popular selection of HIIT, In the Yellow or Strength.

Our classes are unlike anything you've tried before. They're engaging, motivating and you'll be under the supervision of a friendly, experienced coach, who'll ensure you're safe.

Weekly Accountability Tasks

You can rest assured your coach will invest in your transformation, but we can't be with you 24/7.

Setting tasks to keep you active during the week is important, as it'll help pave the way to becoming self-sufficient when the program ends.

Nutritional Analysis

& Support

Your diet and nutritonal choices play a large part in the results you'll see.

That's why your dedicated coach will help you plan and organise meals that'll keep you full and getting the most from your workouts.

50% off MyZone

HR Belt

A MyZone MZ-3 HR belt is an incredible addition to your fitness journey. It takes your effort and translates this into an easy-to-read visual cue both yourself and your coach will use to keep you safe.

Available from our online shop for £79.99, you'll get for just £65.

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What price do you put on guaranteed results?




Complete price

£30 deposit taken, but you won't need to pay until your program starts!

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Nikki's transformation took her from this, to this.

Nikki had goals to improve to lose weight and help her confidence. What she discovered, was a passion and drive for fitness that's left her leaner and stronger than she could have imagined. Through a combined effort of Personal Training, classes and good nutrition she's very happy with her transformation!

Over 18lb of body fat lost.
Increased endurance &strength
8lb increase in lean muscle.
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Kickstart 2022 begins soon.