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Alpha 6-Week Challenge
Our guide to an incredible body transformation in just 6 weeks.

Need some accountability?  Look no further than our 6 week guide.

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If you're in need of some guidance and responsibility, our 6-week challenge helps to create sustainable, long-term changes to your nutrition & exercise habits. Transforming your physique can be easier than you think, just ask the participants of our previous challenges.

What's Included?

Weekly Tracking Workbook

You'll be accountable for 6 criteria that will earn you points every day or week. The closer you follow the guide, the more points you'll earn and the bigger transformation you'll see. Our aim is to associate better long term habits with rewards.

  • Portion control & macronutrient targets.

  • Weekly calendar for 6 unique habits

  • Full explanations on 'points rewards'

Sports Nutrition Recipe Ideas

Nutrition is the secret to creating a dramatic transformation, but eating right can be difficult, especially around work and training. This handy eating guide provides 16 templates for healthy, everyday meals with balance and flavour.

  • Recipe ideas for 16 meals

  • Ingredient breakdowns

  • Easy-to-follow recipes

Dominic Graydon

Winner of our first 6WC, out of 32 entrants




Waist Measurement:



Resting Heart Rate:



6 Week Results

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