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Flexible & Affordable Fitness at Marwell Resort.
We guaranteed results within 2 months. Or your money back.

If you're looking to get back into shape with professional, friendly coaches on your doorstep, then we have a range of fantastic memberships available. We've helped hundreds of clients just like you discover their strength, fitness and become free of injury in our brand-new clean, covid-secure facility.

We'll change your approach to exercise. For life, guaranteed.

The fitness industry needs to change. Exercising is complicated, confusing and can be dangerous if done incorrectly. As a result, 50% of gym memberships in the UK are not used on a regular basis, or at all. This is primarily down to the model large, corporate gym chains operate by; unstructured, unpersonalised and unenjoyable. We can change this.


We've built a supportive community that's welcoming and non-judgemental, helping you to feel comfortable in the gym.


Our programs are structured around you. No 'cookie-cutter' workouts here, just bespoke coaching for your goals.


It's incredible how exercising can boost your confidence and increase serotonin levels, leaving you feeling positive.


Perhaps the largest barrier to forming a regular habit is not enjoying exercise. Our sessions are fun as they are challenging.

Everything we do is built around our coaches.

Chris Harrison

I've always been an advocate of exercise to improve how you feel, it's not about how you look. In the 8 years I've been in the fitness industry I've learned that building trust and independence in clients helps them to form habits for life. It's not about what you do, it's about how you do it and making exercise enjoyable. These experiences are central to how we've built Alpha; creating a community that starts with understanding our clients. 

Key areas of expertise:

Strength & Conditioning programs for cyclist, including FTP trials.

Unilateral assessment & post injury strengthening.

Strength & Conditioning programs for women.

Chris Harrison

Dan Ripman

Having worked in the fitness industry since leaving university with a degree in sport science in 2010, I've worked closely with football clubs, rowing squads and rugby teams and developed an in depth understanding of sport conditioning. Bringing this knowledge base to Alpha has allowed me to create strength and conditioning programmes for clients ranging from 6 yrs-70 yrs.

My methodology for training clients is to perfect the basic movements and increase range of movement to allow for increases in performance and all round quality of life.

Dan Ripman

Key areas of expertise:

Strength & Conditioning programs for runners of all distance.

The effect of the menstrual cycle on females training.

Increasing mobility through Strength Training programs.

We set out to create an inclusive fitness community.

If you've ever felt alienated by the feel of large, commercial gyms, you're not alone. The majority of people who've used gyms before have felt intimidated by the environment, and we set out to change this. Alpha has become an incredible community of people who are non-judgemental, welcoming and share a love of fitness that creates a motivating, yet comfortable environment. 

Interested in becoming part of the #AlphaTeam for a week trial?
Our Community

We're here to keep fitness simple & enjoyable.

8 Reasons you'll Love Alpha

Turn Up, Train & Leave. A simple, effective concept that you'll love.

Ever felt confused by exercising? Leave it to the professionals. We run safe, effective and enjoyable sessions that will get you guaranteed results in as little as 2 months without you having to do any research yourself. It's time to change the way we exercise, so our memberships are memberships are built with flexibility and affordability in mind.

We offer Pay As You Go or short-term monthly DD for all our memberships.
We operate as a small, local business that takes pride in our members.
No long-term commitment. Maximum 3-month contract on DD memberships.
Classes are adaptable for any ability, from complete beginners to professional.
No additional membership required for Personal Training. You control what you pay for.
Personal Training sessions available individually, or in packs of 4 or 10, to suit any budget.
One of the only gyms to offer a completely free trial of their Classes and Personal Training.
Instructors and experienced and hands-on, ensuring you're safe and exercising effectively.


Our Clients see and feel progress quicker due to our unique training style.

Success Stories



since joining Alpha on 31st March, 2021

Nikki had goals to improve to lose weight and help her confidence. What she discovered, was a passion and drive for fitness that's left her leaner and stronger than she could have imagined. Through a combined effort of Personal Training, classes and good nutrition she's very happy with her transformation!

Social media bombards women with ways to tone up and lose weight but I’ve found the mental health benefit of thrashing out a busy and challenging day whilst I exercise the most empowering thing. As a working Mum, juggling the needs of little people alongside work commitments is such a balance. For years I felt I had no time for exercise. Now I prioritise my fitness which makes me a more energetic and patient Mum.


Above all, I love how movement has inspired a healthy attitude to fitness in my children. They both aspire to grow strong muscles and I hope it gives them a secure grounding in body confidence, something I think girls and women really struggle with. I've found my tribe at Alpha where I’m surrounded by amazing strong women who continually inspire me.

4M7A5195Full size_edited.png
Before, in 2019
After, in 2021
Achievements since joining:
Lost over 16lb body fat
Gained 9lb lean muscle
Max Deadlift 100kg
1st in the 2022 Intermediate Women's XT Iron Man
65/366 in the 2022 International Hyrox Games
2nd in the 2021 Intermediate Women's XT
We're rated 100% on Google and Facebook for a reason.

I have now attended 3 Velo trial sessions at Alpha Fitness Hampshire. Like most, keeping all my plates spinning in life can become overwhelming and mentally exhausting. Velo doesn’t just offer physical fitness, it’s helped me clear my mind after a stressful day.

I have walked into Velo feeling swamped, yet I always come out feeling positive and refreshed.

- Victoria
Via Google Reviews
Can't recommend this gym enough, I used it whilst down on a 5 day course. Chris and the guys are super friendly, have a fantastic setup and provide well structured and thought out classes that will push you and help you achieve your goals.

Everyone who attends is really friendly and positive, a great atmosphere.
Thanks for having me.
- Jason
Via Google Reviews
Have been going to Alpha classes for a while now and have been a member for a few months. I’m absolutely loving my time here. The structured sessions are amazing, such a good balance of strength and cardio work.

I would recommend to anyone looking to find a fun, motivating, but professional gym. The trainers are great and I’m looking forward to my journey at Alpha!
- Chris
Via Google Reviews
Alpha Fitness has everything I need for a good workout. Dan and Chris are eager to help and clearly have vast knowledge and experience.

Strongly recommend personal training with Dan. He has kept me on track for over 2 years and despite the crazy 6am training sessions, I still keep coming for more!
- Hari
Via Google Reviews
Become pain-free with our in house support network

We've partnered with Dave Hooper at Synergy Sport & Remedial Massage Therapy to created a support network to help combat chronic pain. If you've struggled with muscular or joint pain with exercise our universal approach to recovery could help you become pain free.

Focused Treatments:

Sport & Remedial Massage

Medical Accupuncture

Osteopathic Manipulation & Mobilisation

Injury Rehabilitation

Kinesiology Taping

Dave Hooper
Become an ambassador & represent the #AlphaTeam

Represent your role in our fitness community by wearing our personalised Alpha Fitness Hampshire gear. Choose from wearing our premium quality hoodies, Tshirts or training vests, or stay cool with our stylish metal water bottle all available with your name for a truely personalised experienced.

Alpha Personalised Tshirt
Alpha Personalised Vest
Alpha Personalised Hoodie
Alpha Personalised Bottle
Alpha Branded Towel
Online Store

MyZone helps our members to achieve more.

hours of exercise
Calories burned
MyZone members
MEP's earned
workouts logged

MyZone is a wearable heart-rate monitor that'll changes the way you exercise forever. The majority of our class members and PT clients have MyZone as it provides live data on a users exertion at any given second. It's an incredible motivational tool, and help keeps you safe when approaching your fitness limits.

Save 45% on RRP
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