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A session for young people aged 8-16 and families.
Age appropriate Strength & Conditioning for young people.
We think there's a gap in what's offered to 8-16 year old's in the fitness industry. Alpha Bootcamp is a strength & conditioning session for anyone aged between 8 and 16 that parents or carers can participate in too. All exercises are scaled to be appropriate for age and adaptions can be made for any ability.
Weekly Bootcamp Timetable:
Available on PAYG:
per session
Important Information about Alpha Bootcamp Sessions:
  • Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday sessions at 17:00 incorporate ages from 8-16. The Wednesday 18:00 session is ages 12-16 only, as the current team that train have prior experience in circuits.

  • Any participants aged 8-11 have to be accompanied and supervised during the entire session by a participating adult, who will also have to exercise.

  • Those aged 12-16 are not required to be accompanied by a participating adult, but will need an adult present for the entirety of the first session to monitor behaviour and adherence.

  • The Classes will be £5 for every participant, including both children and participating adults.

  • Bookings can be made via our ClubLink App, via our website, or this link. There will be 8 spaces per session, and each space can represent up to 3 people. For example, if you're booking yourself as an adult and 2 children, you'll only need to book and pay for 1 space, and payment for the other 2 participants can be made before the Class.

  • The sessions will involve a mixture of aerobic exercise (medium to high intensity to exercise the heart, lungs and improve fitness) and lifting weights (to help improve muscle development). The weight lifting will be capped appropriate to age and ability.

  • We're not drill sergeants. Our goal is to help your children enjoy exercise, so if they're not having fun or their behaviour isn't conducive to safe participation, they may be asked to sit out until the end of the session.

  • We understand people interact with their children differently, but our Coaches are experts in safe exercise, so please listen and respect our Coaches requests, especially if it'll keep everyone safe.

  • If you have any concerns around safety or how adaptations can be made for individuals, please let us know prior to the session taking place.

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