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We run motivating, energetic and enjoyable group classes.

If you've enjoyed the high-energy atmosphere of group fitness before, we guarantee you'll love our range of expertly delivered 45-minute group workouts. We have 3-different types of classes all with a different focus; so whatever your goals are, our group fitness sessions will help you get there.

Choose from monthly
membership or PAYG

All classes run by an
experienced Coach

Classes compatible with MyZone HR tracking


Designed for all abilities,
from beginner to expert


Improving strength is essential for everyone, but learning how to do it safely can be difficult. Our 45-minute strength-focused class is an incredible way to challenge your muscles under the guidance of a qualified coach who'll be teaching you how to do it safely.

Although strength training can be daunting, you'll get the most flexibility to take it at your own pace.


In the Yellow

This 45-minute hybrid class is unlike anything you've done before. You'll use a MyZone heart rate monitor to actively manage your exertion while faced with circuits of both strength, cardio and abdominal exercises.


It'll get you thinking about your fitness in ways you've never experienced and our members love it!



Your cardio fitness will be challenged across 8-rounds of increasing intensity. A simple concept that'll challenge your endurance and recovery across different exercises. 

If you're looking to improve your cardiovascular ability then Alpha HIIT is the perfect class for you.

Looking to try a class? Book your first class 100% free*

You can 'Start Free' and experience one of our exciting, motivating classes absolutely free before you decide to sign up. Choose from 9 different classes per week to suit any timetable or training style.

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Alpha: Unwind

We're excited to announce our first stretching & movement class starting Wednesday 9th June, led by Laura Bowles. This 45-minute, movement focused class is fantastic for improving your mobility, aiding relaxation and getting you feeling refreshed! 

Alpha Unwind is included in a Classes & Training Membership with us, or as PAYG for £7.50.


Flexible, affordable & fun.

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We dislike long, expensive contracts. That's why our class memberships are available either as short-term monthly Direct Debit, or simply Pay As You Go. 

Any single class, including MyZone specific.

Pay Monthly:

Unlimited classes, including MyZone specific.

Unrestricted access to our gym across full opening hours.

50% off RRP of MyZone MZ-3 HR Belt.

3-month Contract.

No joining fees. Your membership begins when you choose.

Cheapest option based on average usage.

Pay As You Go:

Most flexible option.


per Month


per Class


We're rated 5.0 on Google

Really love the work outs that we do with Chris and Dan at Alpha Fitness Hampshire, their dedication to ensure you get the full benefit of a HIIT or Strength workout is incredible. With the help of the MyZone heart monitor as well, they can push you and see your recovery, tailoring work out sessions that you can really feel...for days after...but strive to go back and smash it the following day.


Having tried all of the other HIIT work outs available, this is by far the best and I can highly recommend.


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Get more from your classes with MyZone.

MyZone is a wearable heart-rate monitor that'll changes the way you exercise forever. The majority of our class members and PT clients have MyZone as it provides live data on a users exertion at any given second. It's an incredible motivational tool, and help keeps you safe when approaching your fitness limits. 

Available from Alpha Fitness Hampshire for

Available from MyZone direct for



With a membership

Without a membership


In each class there are 8 'pods'; marked areas that'll you'll stay in for a portion of the session, then clean and move one, so there's no sharing of kit without sanitising first. 2 people from the same household can be in 1 'pod', so the classes have 6 unique bookings, but enough space for 12.


How are you running classes with COVID-19?


Will the classes be too difficult for me?

With Covid-19 guidelines are classes have to be fast-paced, but the instructor is a professional in adapting the class for every ability. If you have any health problems or injuries, ensure you tell the instructor before the class starts, and they can adapt to any requirement.

No, you are not required to use a MyZone belt, although we thoroughly recommend purchasing one as it helps to give accurate feedback to the coach and helps you stay motivated. If you sign up to a class membership with us, you'll get your MyZone belt for just £65, 50% off RRP.


Do you have to use MyZone in the classes?