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Female Focused Fitness
Training for Women
Looking after yourself could be your best investment

Living a busy life is part of the norm for all women, but looking after yourself is just as important. Female bodies work differently and therefore your exercise habits should change accordingly too. Whether it's the menstrual cycle, having a baby, the menopause, problems with metabolism or just general fatigue, women have unique hurdles to cross, and your fitness program should work for you.

Postnatal Personal Training

During birth the female body can experience a range of complications that can leave lasting issues. After medical aftercare returning to exercise can make a huge difference, whether it's strengthening the core and pelvic floor, stretching and improving your aerobic fitness.

Our Postnatal Group PT sessions are great for a low-impact, full body workout that helps to build strength after birth.

60 minute workout for up to 4 people

Led by a Postnatal experienced, female Coach

Female Small Group Training

Exercising with others can help you stay motivated and feel more comfortable in a new environment. Our Small Group training format for women can be organised among friends, family or colleagues and run by our Coach Amie Gillingham, who has a wealth of experience helping women get the best from training.

Female-only group training is a fun, motivating way to exercise with others and achieve your goals. It also helps spread the cost of expert coaching.

60 minute workout for up to 4 people

Led by an experienced female Coach

Group Fitness Classes

If you've enjoyed Group Fitness Classes before, you'll love our 45-minute immersive Classes. Our HIIT Classes will help you tone and burn calories, Strength Classes build strength & shape and Velo tones the lower body, so regardless of your goal, you'll achieve them with our range of Group Fitness Classes.

Group fitness is an affordable approach to fitness, where any goal can be met through our range of convenient, immersive Classes.

60 minute workout for up to 4 people

Led by an experienced female Coach

How We Can Help

Meet Coach Amie

Amie heads our incentive program to get women into strength training, and has worked with a vast array of different abilities and ages. Her ethos is very simple: 

It's not about the way you look, it's about how you feel. Investing in yourself is the best investment you can make. 

Meet Coach Amie
Nikki invested in herself, and she's seen incredible results.

Nikki had goals to improve to lose weight and help her confidence. She discovered, was a passion and drive for fitness that's left her leaner and stronger than she could have imagined. Through a combined effort of Personal Training, classes and good nutrition she's very happy with her transformation!

Social media bombards women with ways to tone up and lose weight but I’ve found the mental health benefit of thrashing out a busy and challenging day whilst I exercise the most empowering thing. As a working Mum, juggling the needs of little people alongside work commitments is such a balance. For years I felt I had no time for exercise. Now I prioritise my fitness which makes me a more energetic and patient Mum.


Above all, I love how movement has inspired a healthy attitude to fitness in my children. They both aspire to grow strong muscles and I hope it gives them a secure grounding in body confidence, something I think girls and women really struggle with. I've found my tribe at Alpha where I’m surrounded by amazing strong women who continually inspire me.

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Nikki's Transfomation
We guarantee you'll see and feel results, and with our 7-day Free Trial, you can't go wrong!

It all starts with a free session. No expensive, long contracts or a busy gym full of 'gorillas'. You'll discover Alpha is quiet, inclusive and affordable, so book your free session today and get started on your own transformation!

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