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A chance to test your cardio fitness to the max.
We can show you how build your fitness safely.
HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) is well known for its ability to burn calories and build fitness, fast. Our 45-minute HIIT classes are an incredible way to get familiarised with our selection of cardio kit, as well as plyometric and full body movements as you race to beat the clock and push your heart rate. But remember, your coach is there to make you feel and focused on correct technique so you can get the endorphins pumping with piece of mind. 
Weekly HIIT Timetable:
Included in Membership:
Available on PAYG:
per session
You can try our classes on a free Trial:
90% - 100% target
heart rate zone
Burn up to
800 kcals per session
Fully adjustable for
all abilities
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