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Personal Training

Specialised coaching for individuals or groups

Personal Training
Affordable, Flexible & Tailored Sessions. No need for a membership!
Personal Training is the fastest, safest and most reliable method to see results. Your goals and abilities are unique, and we have the expertise to craft a challenging yet enjoyable program specific for you. Even better, you can experience a completely FREE 45-minute PT session with an Alpha coach before you decide to invest, simply book your slot below!
Group Personal Training Sessions
Individual Personal Training Sessions

Exercising alongside like-minded individuals, whether they're friends or colleagues, can be really motivating and best of all, fun. Group sessions give you the best mix of expertise and affordability.

Available on PAYG, giving you full flexibility.

Absolutely no contracts, you don't even need a membership!

Most affordable option with premium support from a coach.

Can be organised for specific groups, e.g. workplace, sports clubs, etc.

Learn safe, effective technique from a motivating, friendly coach.