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Struggled to stay motivated and see results in the past?

Personal Training is the fastest, safest and most reliable method to see results. Your goals and abilities are unique, and we have the expertise to craft a challenging yet enjoyable program specific for you. Even better, you can experience a completely FREE 45-minute PT session with an Alpha coach before you decide to invest, simply book your slot below!

Available individually, or in packs.

Discounts for multi-person sessions.

No membership required for PT.


Everyone starts exercising with the expectation to see results. But how you exercise is as important as what you do. We're experts at creating challenging and effective programs that'll get you seeing & feeling results faster than other methods.

Even better, we're sure you'll enjoy your sessions too, as our coaches are friendly and understand how to keep you motivated as you progress.

Strongly recommend personal training with Dan. He has kept me on track for over 2 years and despite the crazy 6am training sessions, I still keep coming for more!

- Hari







How many times have you felt motivated to start exercising, but the next day you've lost it? One secret to motivation is enjoying the process, and regularly seeing small changes as rewards for your efforts.


Our coaches build great working relationships with their clients, because having someone impartial to hold you accountable makes all the difference.

Really good new gym facility opened on Marwell activity site. Strongly recommend PT sessions with Dan, challenging as you would have expect, always reads me well, pushes me outside my comfort zone but never beyond my ability!

- Nigel

Lifting weights and improving your fitness is undoubtably good for your overall health, but how can you know you're doing it safely and effectively? The internet has become awash with information, but it's not accounting for your unique requirements.


We understand how you can achieve your goals as fast as possible, whilst navigating injury and setbacks along the way.

Best PT training I've ever had, well worth the cost, experience trainer who knows how to plan the activities around what you want. Heavily reccomend.

- Callum




They're people, just like you.

Our clients aren't athletes.


This is Laura.

Laura wasn't out of shape when she started PT.

She wanted to become stronger, fitter and more comfortable in her body. Instead of following online programs, she started a journey with Dan, her dedicated coach who carefully planned her journey. 18-months later she's proud of her incredible transformation and confident the habit will continue for life.

Through Personal Training with Alpha, Laura didn't just see results; she found a love for exercising and challenging herself.

You can book a free PT trial today. Is it time to start your journey?

Experience a free, no obligation Personal Training session.

Your dedicated coach will be in contact to discuss your requirements shortly after booking.

Exercise in a private, clean & exclusive facility.

Over 100 weekly slots to choose from, to suit your schedule.

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Don't think you can afford a private Coach?

PT with Alpha is more affordable than you might think.

In most gyms you'll need a membership on top of PT Sessions. Not with Alpha Fitness Hampshire. You can simply train with a coach and pay nothing more than your session price. Choose between purchasing sessions individually, or in packs of 4 and 10 for a discount.

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Pack of 4 Sessions


Pack of 10 Sessions


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