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Let's hear what our clients have to say

Our number one priority is client satisfaction and results. Many of our members have come to us feeling lethargic, unfit and body concious. The transformations they make speak for their dedication.

No cliques, everyone
is welcome

No calorie counting
or fad diets

Small, local business
supporting the area


Laura's transformation.

When Laura started Personal Training with Dan she wasn't out of shape or new to fitness, but she's seen incredible results through our unique style of training. In just 18-months, she's managed to transform her body past what she thought was possible.

18 months later

Usually, it's not just your body that changes. Lifting weights and focusing on performance can help create a more positive body image, which helps boost self-confidence and mental health. 

We don't focus on the way you look. Our focus is how you feel. Regularly challenging yourself is a fantastic way to improve your cognative ability and viewing yourself more positively. 

Laura started with a trial, and so can you.

Laura's testimonial.

I signed up for personal trading sessions with Alpha Fitness on the advice of my daughter, who is a fitness professional herself. I had two main objectives: improve my overall fitness and strength, and to complement my training in taekwondo. This needed to be approached in the context of my age and previous injuries that had left their mark.

I went for an initial assessment chat where all of my concerns and requirements were carefully listened to and addressed. This meant that by the time of my first training session proper I felt in safe hands and was treated as an individual. The Alpha approach is friendly and professional with just the right amount of encouragement. The sessions have always been tailored to my requirements and adjusted to suit my needs on the day.

I thoroughly recommend personal training sessions with Alpha Fitness whatever your goals, aspirations or previous experience.

- Trevor

I had my first PT session in the lovely outdoor gym and Chris is an expert in adapting exercises to fit with individual needs and encouraging you to achieve your personal best. Alpha Fitness has kept me physically and mentally strong.

- Nicola

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Great Value

The difference to other classes for me is the interaction with the instructor. Chris keeps an eye on your technique and provides pointers, and this really motivates me to get the best out the exercises. I feel like I can't slack off even if I wanted to! There are lots of sessions available throughout the week, and its such good value.

- Amy

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The outdoor PT sessions were fantastic; I found them to be tailored exactly to my needs. Chris and Dan are the loveliest people and seem to really care about their clients. They have constantly adapted to meet the changing pandemic situation and ensure everyone is well supported.

- Kat

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Best Personal Training I've ever had, well worth the cost, experience trainer who knows how to plan the activities around what you want. Heavily reccommend.

- Callum

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