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Let's hear what our clients have to say

Our number one priority is client satisfaction and results. Many of our members have come to us feeling lethargic, unfit and body concious. The transformations they make speak for their dedication.

Laura's transformation.

When Laura started Personal Training with Dan she wasn't out of shape or new to fitness, but she's seen incredible results through our unique style of training.

I had my first PT session in the lovely outdoor gym and Chris is an expert in adapting exercises to fit with individual needs and encouraging you to achieve your personal best. Alpha Fitness has kept me physically and mentally strong.

- Nicola

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The outdoor PT sessions were fantastic; I found them to be tailored exactly to my needs. Chris and Dan are the loveliest people and seem to really care about their clients. They have constantly adapted to meet the changing pandemic situation and ensure everyone is well supported.

- Kat

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I have done regular classes with Chris and developed strength and cardio fitness by the truck load. What I valued most from Chris is learning about personal accountability and goal setting. Highly recommended and professional. Looking forward to continuing my journey with Alpha.

- Corrina

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The difference to other classes for me is the interaction with the instructor. Chris keeps an eye on your technique and provides pointers, and this really motivates me to get the best out the exercises. I feel like I can't slack off even if I wanted to! There are lots of sessions available throughout the week, and its such good value.

- Amy

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Really love the work outs that we do with Chris and Dan at Alpha Fitness. Their dedication to ensure you get the full benefit of a HIIT or Strength workout is incredible. With the help of the MyZone heart monitor as well, they can push you and see your recovery, tailoring work out sessions that you can really feel...for days after...but strive to go back and smash it the following day. Having tried all of the other HIIT work outs available, this is by far the best and I can highly recommend.

- Ed

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Strongly recommend personal training with Dan. He has kept me on track for over 2 years and despite the crazy 6am training sessions, I still keep coming for more! In the current covid-restrictions, I've managed to safely workout outdoors 1:1 in an excellent breeze overlooking the woods and stream.

- Hari

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