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Well equipped with
brand new kit.

Open 7-days a week
with free parking.

Available on PAYG or Monthly Membership.

Training Membership
Affordable, Flexible & Tailored Sessions. No need for a membership!
For the knowledgeable athlete who clearly understands their goals and training routine, and only requires the right kit and space to get going. Great for those who work flexible hours to make the most of quieter periods, and able to build workouts and use kit confidently without the need for coaching.
Never compromise your workout. Check out our kit.
The 'no nonsense' gym membership.
Our mission is to change the way people exercise, and that starts with changing the industry. No more 12-month, expensive contracts; we do everything simply, giving you full control. You can choose either flexible monthly membership to keep things simple, or Pay As You Go for complete control over your schedule. 

Pay Monthly:

Unrestricted access to our gym across full opening hours.

No joining fees. Your membership begins when you choose.

Pay As You Go:

Single day access to our gym across full opening hours.

Most flexible option.

Unrestricted access to our gym across full opening hours.

50% off RRP of MyZone MZ-3 HR Belt.

3-month Contract.


per Session

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