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On Saturday 3rd December 2022

The XT Hampshire is back.

The Hampshire XT is back on Saturday 3rd December, hosted by Alpha Fitness Hampshire.

The XT Hampshire is the latest annual XT event, held by Alpha FItness Hampshire in December. This gruelling challenge features 9 exercises completed in sequence in the fastest time possible, with 3 categories of differing difficulty. 2021 was Alpha's first time hosting and the event was a great success, seeing our 80 competitors challenge themselves over the day. The XT is part of a group of competitions that run throughout the year, and despite the 'competition' label, an incredible community has built around challenging themselves and each other. If you fancy your next challenge sign up today!

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Novice Category

The entry level difficulty provides an incredible challenge for those new to the XT

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Intermediate Category

Mid range difficulty provides an all over intense challenge, even for the fittest athlete.

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Advanced Category

The hardest, most gruelling challenge. Only the brave take part.