Personal Training


Available individually, or in packs.

No membership required for PT.

Discounts for multi-person sessions.

Affordable, Flexible & Tailored Sessions. No need for a membership!
Personal Training is the fastest, safest and most reliable method to see results. Your goals and abilities are unique, and we have the expertise to craft a challenging yet enjoyable program specific for you. Even better, you can experience a completely FREE 45-minute PT session with an Alpha coach before you decide to invest, simply book your slot below!
Group Personal Training Sessions
Individual Personal Training Sessions

Exercising alongside like-minded individuals, whether they're friends or colleagues, can be really motivating and best of all, fun. Group sessions give you the best mix of expertise and affordability.

Available on PAYG, giving you full flexibility.

Absolutely no contracts, you don't even need a membership!

Most affordable option with premium support from a coach.

Can be organised for specific groups, e.g. workplace, sports clubs, etc.

Learn safe, effective technique from a motivating, friendly coach.

If you're looking for the best support following an injury, in preparation for a sport or lack of confidence exercising around others, our individual sessions are an incredible way to build your fitness fast.

Available on PAYG, giving you full flexibility.

Absolutely no contracts, you don't even need a membership!

Pay for individual sessions, or in bulk packs of 4 and 10.

Fully bespoke programs designed around your goals.

Best for injury rehabilitation or those who need more support.

Guaranteed method for the fastest results.

Take a look at our sessions with clients.


Our Clients see and feel progress quicker due to our unique training style.




since joining Alpha on 31st March, 2021

Nikki had goals to improve to lose weight and help her confidence. What she discovered, was a passion and drive for fitness that's left her leaner and stronger than she could have imagined. Through a combined effort of Personal Training, classes and good nutrition she's very happy with her transformation!

Social media bombards women with ways to tone up and lose weight but I’ve found the mental health benefit of thrashing out a busy and challenging day whilst I exercise the most empowering thing. As a working Mum, juggling the needs of little people alongside work commitments is such a balance. For years I felt I had no time for exercise. Now I prioritise my fitness which makes me a more energetic and patient Mum.


Above all, I love how movement has inspired a healthy attitude to fitness in my children. They both aspire to grow strong muscles and I hope it gives them a secure grounding in body confidence, something I think girls and women really struggle with. I've found my tribe at Alpha where I’m surrounded by amazing strong women who continually inspire me.

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Before, in 2019
After, in 2021
Achievements since joining:
Lost over 16lb body fat
Gained 9lb lean muscle
Max Deadlift 100kg
1st in the 2022 Intermediate Women's XT Iron Man
65/366 in the 2022 International Hyrox Games
2nd in the 2021 Intermediate Women's XT
Meet the coaches that'll transform your body.
You can't underestimate how a good coach can benefit building the exercise habit. We're not drill-sergeants or meat-heads. We're real people with a passion for helping others live rich, healthy lives. Our experince spans nearly 20 years and we've helped every demographic of client imaginable, from complete beginners to nationally competing athletes. We have the knowledge to help everyone, regardless of their goals.
Chris Harrison
Co-owner & Personal Trainer
Dan Ripman
Co-owner & Personal Trainer
How does a FREE Personal Training Session sound?
If you're intrigued about starting your fitness journey with us, you'll definitely want to make use of our free 7-day trial, which includes a range of our classes and a 45-minute Personal Training session with our Head Coach. Even if you don't sign up, you'll learn plenty about what method of exercising suits your body best for your goals. Go on, give it a try!
Is it time to start your fitness journey?
If you don't see results within 2 months, we'll give you your money back.